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Pharrell Williams - When I Was 17


Here comes a more in-depth look at the Pharrell Williams-centric MTV Show "When I Was 17". As indicated before, we find the innovative and influential artist opening about his musical upbringing in Virginia, his inspirations among others.

via HypeTrak


Spotify's Secret Weapon: Chester French’s DA



above is Sean Parker’s Profile Pic on Facebook, DA to the left and Spotify founder, Daniel Ek to the right.

I have been curious about this picture for awhile, until today’s Forbes Profile calling D.A. Wallach, Spotify’s Secret Weapon and now all makes sense.  Its was a smart idea to team up with DA and make him their Residence Artist, I would like to know more on the day to day plus some exciting new features.  (I have an article, still needing to be written, on my predictions on how Spotify will is taking over.)

“We’re working very carefully to make Spotify the most artist-friendly company that has ever existed,” he says. “We’re very interested in a high level of letting artists direcetly connect to their fans and manage that relationship and deliver value to their fans, and vice versa. We want to do that really elegantly, at a scale that’s never existed before.”

If Wallach is Spotify’s secret weapon, perhaps his most potent bullet is the skunkworks he’s helping to build in an effort to share more of the company’s resources with musical acts.

Read the Forbes Article here

Plus subscribe to DA’s Facebook, he is really good on the news linking:


Facebook’s Ben Barry on Design



Abridged interview of Facebook designer Ben Barry by Behance

What do you think is key to moving ahead in a creative field?

Something that is often overlooked with creatives is time management and getting shit done. You can be the most talented designer in the world but if you don't follow through and get stuff out there, it doesn't matter.

I have several friends that are incredibly talented. They will start on projects but rarely follow through. They get bored or distracted or discouraged that it's not "perfect" and give up. Following through and finishing things is one of the most important things you can learn.
One of my favorite quotes is "Done is better than perfect." That doesn't mean making crap – I believe you should always strive for the highest quality you can – but you have to finish….

What soft skills do people often underestimate?

Pitching and presenting your work well. It's something I see all the time as students and I probably did as a student myself – making excuses. But fortunately I had a professor who said, "You never make excuses for poor work." You just never go into a meeting saying, "Well, if I had more time or this isn't very good..." No. Even if you're thinking those things, you sell it and don't ever make excuses. [Laughs] The other thing of course is never show anything you don't want to have produced. I try to live by that.

Do you ever struggle with self-doubt?

Definitely. One of the benefits of having all these great design books and online resources around me is they really inspire me and other times it's like "Fuck. I'm never going to be that good." It can be really easy to fall into that trap and stop making things, but you just have to realize that everyone who is successful has made plenty of mistakes along the way.

I have always had this view of the world that everybody has access to the same resources I do and if these people can do it, I can do it, too. I recently came across this video after Steve Jobs passed away. It resonated with me a lot.

Read the Full Interview Here


The Top XX Android Apps Of 2011


This is my abridged version of Techcrunch’s Top 30 list of Android Apps.

1. Any.DO: To Do List | Task List (full AndroidApps review) I use it on an off

Funded by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Any.DO is the best productivity and to-do application tailored specifically for Android devices. The app’s elegant interface is optimized to limit actual typing through voice-driven commands. Users can swipe each task when complete, and shake their phones to clear them from the screen. The app also offers (mostly) seamless integration with Google accounts.

5. SwiftKey X Keyboard (full AndroidApps review) My Current Keyboard I paid for

After launching a beta app last year, SwiftKey X arrived on Android smartphones and tablets in 2011. The app has larger keys as well as superior word and sentence prediction algorithms than what is typically found on Androids. SwiftKey also learns from previously typed emails and messages, and offers three color schemes to simplify the process and brighten things up.

11. Google Currents (full AndroidApps review) Still haven’t tried yet, but looks mad cool

As long as Flipboard remains exclusive to iOS devices, this new release from Google serves as the premier news reader on Android smartphones and tablets. More of a fast and elegant aggregator than social magazine, Google Currents benefits from an organized layout and dead simple third-party publisher platform. There is also — shockingly — nice integration with Google+, including curated content from the likes of Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki.

13. Google Maps (full AndroidApps review) I live by it, used to love the Default Sprint NAV, but now this is my favorite if its doesn’t get me lost

A November update to this trailblazing application introduced indoor mapping functionality to mobile devices. Google Maps 6.0 helps users more easily navigate within airports, shopping malls and other locations where GPS technology is spotty.

16. Price Check by Amazon (full AndroidApps review) Sounds like something I need

When Amazon unveiled this price-comparison app to Android devices just before Black Friday, the company’s retail Death Star became fully operational. Sure, Price Check was available to iPhone owners a year earlier, and there are similar apps across all major mobile platforms. But having an Android app gives Amazon critical mass in this category, and allows the company to (again) upend physical retail as we know it. This includes offering discounts to consumers on their phones during the point of comparison.

20. Fooducate Shopping Scanner (full AndroidApps review) Same as Above, Sounds like something I need

This app translates nutritional information found on food packaging into plain English, and offers a letter grade as to how healthy or harmful an item can be. The app offers comprehensive coverage of both mainstream brands and niche delicacies via the scanning of barcodes. Best of all? The app suggests healthier, similar alternatives to the worst offenders.

25. Path (full AndroidApps review) Have it and still only have one friend, I want to connect it to twitter soon…

A significant December update to this social blogging app on Android and iOS devices served as an early holiday present to its passionate and vocal adherents. Beyond sharing photos, users can now tell the world about what music they are listening to and other activities they are doing. The app’s new design and “Automatic” feature, which recognizes when users deviate from routine schedules, also separate Path from the pack.





amazing track to chill too….

from Robert’s In My Element (#AddingThisToMyCollection)

via TheFoxIsBlack


Proverbs 12:11


“Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lacks sense.”

That pop up on my phone this morning, something to harp on while I finish up my semester….


Profile: Steven Harrington



LA Im did an interview with Artist/Designer Steven Harrington and this is a great quote I took away from the interview, (Definitely any creative knows where he is coming from….)

Making something you are proud of comes with time, patience, and some obsessing. But, obsessing over one’s work for it to be perfect is something that must be regulated…or else things get out of hand. “You quickly find yourself just in this downward spiral of being pissed off that you can’t fit everything in. You’ll just be anxious and not be able to sleep–but, then you realize you are just doing it to yourself. No one is telling me that I have to take out the time to do these art shows or take out the time to do these wacky assignments. I’ll find myself freaking out over building a life-sized tee pee–‘What am I doing? No one is paying me. What am I doing here?’ Now, I’ve made all these projects a lot more manageable. If they aren’t more manageable, what am I going to do? Just stop making work because I cant fit any in?”

Interview @


Townhouse by Elding Oscarson


Elding Oscarson

Another update on my love for the simplicity in architecture.

Architect: Elding OscarsonLocation: Landskrona, Sweden – Photography: Lindman Photography

via Mugutu