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To RedEye or Not to RedEye



This holiday season I went on my first Redeye flight from LAX to TPA (Los Angeles to Tampa) at 1:40 in the morning.  It was definitely an experience and I am wondering if the benefits outweigh some of the flaws of pre-planning a redeye flight.

Benefit: The 3 hour time difference between coasts can easily make a 6-8 hr travel time seem like 9-11 hours once you arrive, that pretty much a whole day wasted in travelling, I was able to leave LAX around 2 in the morning and be in Florida by Noon (that includes 1 stop in between).

Here is some things to remember before booking a redeye flight:

  1. Boredom in the Terminal: if you not prepared for this you will find out every store and restaurant closes by midnight in the Airport, surprise.
  2. No Social Encounters: one thing I love about traveling is meeting new people and chatting them up, these opportunities are null, everyone on the flight are there to sleep and not there to hear your nonsense.
  3. Get a Window Seat: Being an architecture student I assumed I could get comfortable almost anywhere, without invading your neighbor’s personal bubble this can be hard, you can use the pull out tray as a table to rest you head on, but I would recommend a window seat, you get a wall to lean you head however you want without bothering the person near you.
  4. Place your bags above: if you are planning to sleep and not planning to do work on your laptop, no need to reduce your feet room underneath the chair in front of you, store your stuff in the above cabinets.
  5. Morning Breath: It happens…
  6. Connection Flights: the WORST! apparently traveling Eastbound each city rapidly gets much brighter then before.  Its ok on your 1st flight because everyone has their window blinds down and the cabin’s light is dimmed completely, but once you land in your 1st stop you realize what went completely wrong. You only had 3hrs of sleep since your 2am LAX departure time and it bright as day in you midpoint stop and your next flight everyone is wake and ready to talk, have their babies crying and the worst leave their windows completely open with the cabin lights on blast.

Yelawolf – I Wish #HeavyRotation



This is currently one of the tracks I have on #HeavyRotation.  It ones of these high energy motivational tracks, especially when I am dragging my feet doing homework it gives me that kick.

If you really know me, one of the traits I have is to turn negative energy into positive enegery, its one of the few things that gets me heated, when someone doubts me.  I burn up, “Tell Me I Can’t, Tell Me I Can’t” because I will prove you wrong.  A lot of my most treasured accomplishments came when people didn't believe in me, unfortunately encouragement doesn’t yield the same results, I just get overly confidence and complacent.  (Warning: be careful about using this newly found knowledge on me, because I will shoot the messenger, plus prove them wrong.)

The Song:

In the most simplest of terms“I wish a MotherF***** would.. tell me my Sh*t going flop… B*TCH YOUR SH*T GOING TO FLOP.”  I love that, it exactly exemplifies how I feel when I need to get the fire under me to get things done.


He is one of musical gems I got from my friends back home.  Yelawolf is this Alabama Catfish Eating Trailer Park Skating Rapper, he is one of the most legit people I see out there in hip-hop right now.  I tend to stray away from ghettoized or southern rap, but Yelawolf is definitely genuine with his demeanor, he isn’t imitating no one he is only doing him and that’s why I can respect his lyrical input and unique fusion of Southern streets with a Rocker edge.


My 1st Month Living in LA, through the Lens of my Phone.



This is my 1st image of Moving to Los Angeles, my roomates picked me up at LAX and before ever seeing my apartment or anything we went to a Dodgers game where I pretty much struggled because my bodyclock was still on East Coast time.

Then came my 1st experience with one of the best inventions since slice bread, Food Trucks (I am pretty sure you can buy slice bread from them too.)  On Saturdays in Chinatown you can see them hosting a event with 7-10 food trucks line up, its a nice mix of all food you can find around town.


Golden Rule


Rule #5: Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is nonexistent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery—celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from—it’s where you take them to.”

- Jim Jarmusch, from his “Golden Rules” of filmmaking…


Holga.D Concept by Saikat Biswas



This is a digital camera concept for the Holga legacy, by Saikat Biswas

Praise: Yes, this is mouthwatering design, hahaha, I really love the minimal rugged design, definitely if this was in the market I would probably be running to the stores to buy one.

Devil’s Advocate: Biswas talks a lot about being minimal in functionality and aligning with the lomography philosophy of “Don’t think Just Shoot.”  I got to say again I drool at the sight of this and all the thought that went into this little machine, but there are a lot of gratuitous features on this (well yes you find them on higher end Point and Shoots, but still…).  Shutter Speed dial? on a traditional holga you just hold the shutter down for the amount of time you want, there is no reason not to have the same function in this concept. E-ink display, nice for showing the remaining photos left, but the rest of the information such as aspect ratio and color are already on the unit next to their switch.  BW/Color Switch? I honestly like the fact the Holga.D lacks a viewfinder or a lcd screen, so this camera will appeal to a lot of enthusiast that like to do a lot of post-editing on photoshop before uploading it to their flickr, so there is zero need for this BW/Color switch, just make all the images color and let the user worry about it in post.  The Iso dial? ummm keep it, why not… even though most consumer digital camera’s noiseless iso range is very limited… my assumption is that this camera should be so cheap and made cheaply like its film predecessor that it would probably have the same camera sensor you would find on your smart phone, which have no indication of iso settings.  Removable lens? More of a Diana feature then a holga (maybe I am holding to tightly with the holga metaphor).

My Version: I would remove a lot of the things I pointed out above.  I would like to influence a modding community behind this product, force people to have to rip into the unit to get anything done, no easy interchangeable lens or an easy to access sd memory slot.  Maybe a little cynical of me.  But one cool feature would be adding some type of dip switch to the camera’s sensor so you can easy tweak and mess with how the sensor works.  (I heard that with the 1st generation of digital cameras. with a little tweaking to the sensor you were able to take infrared images.  So hopefully the dip switch would help tune into those abilities.) Ohh yeah last tweak, make it as thin as possible.

mmm, Why don’t they use the same design but make it a 35mm Holga, forget about digital…?

More info: >

After the JUMP some more Images


Youth in Revolt, 2009



Nick, strives to balance out his budding sexual urges while remaining an intellectual teenager in a world of moronic adults…

Directed by Miguel Arteta

Starring Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday, Jean Smart, Mary Kay Place, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Long, Ray Liotta, & Steve Buscemi

This film is “Awkwardly Lovable.”  Looking at the quote above, which quickly summarizes the C.D. Payne book series which this film is adapted from, I would add that everyone in the film has a slightly hit of being moronic, just others have the mask of intellect and alot of foreign references from the past to hide their issues, but that's what makes this movie so lovable.  This film is about the youth that have appreciation for foreign films, the French language, and any ambiguities of the past that convey a sense of class, but instead of the 1950s youth that were living near cafes in France or the present-day hipsters living it out in NYC, these teens are stuck in middle America.

The movies is about Nick Twisp, an only child that is mixed up between divorce parents and having to live with his screwed up mother and her current bum boyfriend played by Zach Galifianakis.  After his mom’s deadbeat boyfriend gets in issues with a bunch of disgruntle sailors, they choose to go on a trip to a cabin on the lake to hide out for the weekend.  While there Nick meets Sheeni, which is a young girl with the same appreciation to intellectual references as he does.  Before that weekend Nick was a miserable adolescent, now he has a mission and that to be reconciled with Sheeni again.  With some help of his mischievous alter ego, Francois Dillinger, he is causing havoc in his and his mom’s life so he will be forced out to live with his father which was conveniently relocated near Sheeni.


The Snake, 2008



Tagline: “The funniest movie about dating a bulimic... possibly ever.”

Written and Directed by Adam Goldstein and Eric Kutner

Stars Adam Goldstein as Ken aka the Snake

This movie is pretty hilarious, the closest thing I can compare it to, is probably if you took any character from “Its Always Funny in Philadelphia” and made a 80 min film on him.  Don’t let the low budget quality of this film turn you off, one I think the low quality of it helps you to not take the crudeness of the plot to seriously, and second everyone casted seem pretty convincing in this comedy.

The film is about this slezzy (but funny) guy, Ken, that loves to hit on any set of girls that passes his way, usually his conversations are fun packed with a lot of braggadocios fabrications.  He doesn’t hold back anything, especially when cockblocking his friends without hesitation. 

One Night after Ken severely cockblocked his friend’s attempts with one girl, as revenge his friend simply screwed with his insecurities by telling him the cute girl he was chatting up was fat and he didn’t know he was a chumby chaser.  After that night Ken was on the prowl for a new chick, when he stumbles on this bulimic girl late on her way to her body image support group.

The film continues with Ken’s myopic focus to hook up with this bulimic girl, by joining her body image group and taking any  necessary advances to get closer to his score.  At some moments you think Ken can actually have some human emotions, but he is hilariously quick to crushes those claims.  I love how this film continues to stay funny though the duration of the film with out the slight attempt to take itself seriously.

This is a great movie to watch with the boys, if any ladies are present while watching this comedy I am sure you will get many angry stares.

Netflix Instant Watch - (Trailer)


Zooey D…



Zooey Deschanel probably has to be one of my favorite actresses right now, to me she is the closest to this generation’s Audrey Hepburn.

Image above is from a collection Angel posted on Icon_ titled: “Work! Work! Work!” Photographed by Abbey Drucker

If you notice from some of my posting on Icon_ I am a real big sucker for anything that looks raw, like polaroids and pictures still displayed on a strip of film, ahhh…hahaha… but seriously, it gives the image a different character by giving it another element to frame it in.  Instead of the focus just being what  happening inside the image, the photograph becomes its own object.

Note: I still internally debating how I am going to differentiate my personal blog from my postings on Icon_ and CertifiedRANDOM.  Even my Tumblr which I was debating about just posting this Zooey D collage on…  but I understand its an issue with Time.  If I want to be verbal and have people read something this personal blog will hopefully be the best platform, if I want to post some that is the current hotness that can be easily added to CertifiedRANDOM.  This blog with try to capture my feelings and “likes” of the time but I am not going to waste my time posting something I feel like its freshness has an expiration date, I got other outlets to push that out through.


Lego Conference Table



yeah I am in love…

22,742 Legos form this table by Irish Architect & Design company ABGC.

Their client pushed their design methodologies with this quote from one of my favorite jazz musicians,

“making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

-Charles Mingus

for more information on this project, go HERE > via Trendland


Art of Building High



This project was a special mention in Evolo’s 2010 Skyscraper Competition.

It was made the architecture group, ATELIER ZÜNDEL ET CRISTEA based in France (check out the rendering on their site, pick French, because they don’t have an English section yet.)

This image directly above, seriously makes my mouth water, lol… Click it to Enlarge it, and just gawk at these nodes of interest, where pools, auditoriums, a green wall and much more are well fitted into this puzzle of a building.

A lot of skyscrapers lack the fun of discovery through their vertical section and tend to rely heavily on repetition and leaving the interesting focus either completely on the initial ground floors or restrictively to the elite on the top.

View More about this Project HERE