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Apps: Evernote for Chrome, best bookmarking tool



Currently my bookmarking tool of choice is Evernote, especially through Google Chrome.  Evernote has provided an amazing web interface for organizing your found links/information and they have a very intelligent chrome extension that always you to clip content as easy as selecting and right clicking your selection.

Chrome App: Evernote WebChrome Extension: Clip to Evernote

I use Evernote for bookmarking future blog posts

In the past I have heard many people praise Evernote like crazy and it encouraged me try many times hopelessly to use it as one of my tools. As a notetaking or daily task tool it always and still sort of fails in comparison to my main tool of choice Microsoft Onenote. Lately I have been feeling the weight of all the blogs I visit, plus all the tabs I keep opened across several browser windows and all the links I have saved on my desktop in many folders on my computer (chrome app shortcuts.) So I needed a new way to sort through the mess when it came to the important time to post some new up on one of my blogs.

Features I needed, which Evernote has:

  • -Article Title
  • -Timestamp (to sort by date)
  • -URL Source
  • -Thumbnail of the content, not of the webpage (very key)

The thumbnail feature was the most important requirement I had, after collecting a huge number of links in various location and fashions, the biggest issues was finding that one post, when I needed it. Sorting by date is great, but I needed something more visual, and thumbnails of webpages or of website logos wasn’t going to help, it was very important for my to have a thumbnail that correctlated directly to the content I was search for. I wanted to experiment with some other bookmarking options, such as tumblr or posterous which has photo bookmarking features, but I have to say Evernote has to be the best tool.


Going Premium

I am sort of persuaded to start paying for the service, at $5 a month.  Within a day they already prompted me that I surpassed my monthly UPLOAD by 50%, but the difference from a free account to a paid is a huge leap in service from 60mb monthly upload to 1gb, thats a ridiculous difference.

Conclusion: Pro and Cons

To me, Evernote is an amazing scrapbooking tool, its shines in its ability to clip information you find randomly on the internet and sort it in a way that is organized and easy to find years later.  One of its major pros is their tagging capability, which you can easily drag and drop saved notes to those tags, instead of having to individually editing each post.  Right now I have one tag for Starred* posts, these are links I plan to post immediately in a day or two. I still have some more experimenting to do with using taxonomy.

Nicely Evernote is available on every platform you can think of, there is even an app for a Palm Pre (sort of unheard of ),  you can just used the web version of their app or use their standalone desktop client too (image below).  I personally love their New web interface, but for more intense searches, I believe the standalone client has better tools for digging in deeper.


Some Cons, seriously I have already surpassed my free account in a day by half, I did a quick calculation and even on the Premium version I still run a slight risk of going over within a month (I need to start clipping single images, and not full pages.)  Other con/pro is is lack of ability to clip flash embed.  I am sort of a hater on flash, but sometimes I want to clip an article with has a video or audio embed, and sadly for these web clippings on evernote, they act as good as a link on delicious (not what I am looking for but I can live).  I will end with a pro, nicely evernote saves all your web clippings on their servers, so if the site you bookmarked is changed or gone in the future, you still have all the data you clipped.

I will keep you guys updated on the many strategies I have for bookmarking in the future, I have my fingers this solution will not get cumbersome when I hit over a thousand some links, but statically it always happens, its hard to manage anything if you are importing more than you export out into posts.

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