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Brubeck Plays Bernstein Plays Brubeck, 1961


41j79usJaRL._SS500_ A Good Morning always needs a soundtrack, today marks the 1st day of my 2nd semester of Grad school.  I am not completely sure what to expect, but its a new year and today kind of makes it official because it will be my 1st day of active productivity, I am ready for a good year.

The Album, released 1961:

So I found out about this amazing album about a month ago on Jaime Cullum’s BBC Radio Podcast where he interviewed Dave Brubeck and he had this playing in the background for a moment and I knew I had to hunt down a copy of this record.  The whole album is amazing, it clocks in at less than 40mins, but every time I love how it has the ability to give me a smile.  It must be the mixed of Cinematic and Jazz music, the same combination that made me go crazy over Michel LeGrand’s score for Umbrellas of Cherbourg (plus some other Jacques Demy directed/LeGrand scored films).

Amazon: Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein - Wikipedia

Side One:

Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra: Allegro (6:55)
Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra: Andante-Ballad (5:13)
Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra: Adagio-Ballad (4:46)
Dialogues for Jazz Combo and Orchestra: Allegro-Blues (5:34)
Download Side One

Side Two

Maria (3:16)
I Feel Pretty (5:06)
Somewhere (4:13)
A Quiet Girl (2:23)
Tonight (3:48)
Download Side Two

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