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House H by Sou Fujimoto



I got a thing for exposed concrete architecture at the moment.  I really love how the exterior is left unpainted but this interior is completely flat white.  The Structure of this house if just so amazing in its simplicity, it acts as a skeleton frame where rooms happen to fit in.  Even though those wooden stairs can be somewhat intimidating at moments, I like how it gently connects spaces and seems to be independent of internal straightforward logic.

via Today+Tomorrow & Photos by Iwan Baan

 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-02 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-03 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-04 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-05 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-06 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-07 Sou-Fujimoto-House-H-08

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