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Knot by Apollo Architects



Another exposed concrete structure, there is nothing new about this, but I am just loving this aesthetic. The Knot seems like a great metaphor to explain the intertwining of spaces in this building, it actually took me a few double takes to figure out what is going on inside (the glass on the exterior is for the patio near the stairs).  Unfortunately looking at the section drawings all the bedrooms are isolated below the living room areas (which are overly photographed) so the the bedrooms lack that intertwined knot metaphor that drives the rest of the project.  But it can be very beneficial because the set is small and nice as a bachelor pad and the other rooms that are isolated from the ‘knot’ could be rented out, score….

APOLLO Architects and Associates

via Designboom

knot01  knot03 knot04 knot05 knot06 knot07 knot08 knot09 knot10 knot11

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