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Profile: Steven Harrington

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LA Im did an interview with Artist/Designer Steven Harrington and this is a great quote I took away from the interview, (Definitely any creative knows where he is coming from….)

Making something you are proud of comes with time, patience, and some obsessing. But, obsessing over one’s work for it to be perfect is something that must be regulated…or else things get out of hand. “You quickly find yourself just in this downward spiral of being pissed off that you can’t fit everything in. You’ll just be anxious and not be able to sleep–but, then you realize you are just doing it to yourself. No one is telling me that I have to take out the time to do these art shows or take out the time to do these wacky assignments. I’ll find myself freaking out over building a life-sized tee pee–‘What am I doing? No one is paying me. What am I doing here?’ Now, I’ve made all these projects a lot more manageable. If they aren’t more manageable, what am I going to do? Just stop making work because I cant fit any in?”

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