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Site Design: DRIVEN


Fast Times

I just happened to visit this Automotive blog by the UrbanDaddy Network called DRIVEN, just a few hours ago.  This layout is completely tablet-focused and tries hard to mimic a magazine (converted for the web), with huge stretching images and strong font headlines.  One of the things I like about this design is the navigation bar on the right side, it gives the user basic access to the archive, home, search buttons and buttons for next & previous posts, additionally it has a large advertisement fixed on the right (which is a great place to display an ad but sort of weak uses of all that screen real estate.)  I believe there are some issues I don’t like with the site, it doesn’t work well as a true publication and they try to pass off quick updates with that contain a few pics and text as a complete article. 

Conclusion: The basic layout is amazing for anyone that wants to make a magazine like online publication which works well on a tablet.  Plus you can utilize the right panel better than DRIVEN did by integrating a table of contents or related content list, and you still can have the occasional ad popping up in the side panel too.

This is the thumbnail view of their archive:


This a view of one of their articles scrolled down to show some text.  I like the Facebook and Twitter share buttons integrated at the left side.

The New Bentley Continental GT0

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