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Site Design: Life + Times


Life   Times

In the future weeks you will notice this becoming a consistence column on my site.  I have a fascination with well design sites.  I am not to crazy on graphics, I tend to veer closer to minimal designs that are using the manipulation of coding and the basics of design and function to do amazing things.  Plus a lot of these sites I will post up will tend to be direct inspiration for some of the updates and features I want to do to my own sites I run, mainly and

Life and Times:

This is the new blog from Sean Carter himself, yep Jay-Z has a blog.  I am not sure if it is written by him, but there are many Q+A’s on the site with some very interesting influencers. The blog reads very nicely, it not crazily updated, which I like a lot, makes it very easy to follow week to week and all the posts are very well selected and all very unique.  In addition to original written interviews, there are some original video content, again with some very well picked people, including one with one of my favorite artists, Toro y Moi.


The main overarching design feature is the “Post Mosaic.”  It’s the grid of images posted above, it fills up the screen and has arrows on each side to navigate to more posts.  I really love this type of navigation and I easy see this as a update to’s Archive or a special way to navigate through Icon’s archive on a tablet.  I have seen a few wordpress blog that try this same format but I felt they failed in there execution, works better for small portfolios not consistently updated blogs.  The strengths in Life and times’s execution versus others, is 1. the squares are nice and small and have a margin in between to allow each square to breath 2. it a hybrid of the Mosaic grid and a footer navigation below the visible threshold and 3. the coolest thing I love with the “Post Mosaic” is that it is on top of every page of the blog, put instead of directly showing it, your browser jumps down to the blog post and only when you scroll up, the “Post Mosaic” is revealed (I got to dig in the code to figure out how to implement this technique.)

Straight Outta Compton- - Life   Times

This is the Wordpress layout I was talking about above. This is the portfolio from one of the talented photographers I love featuring on, Christoper Kuehl.  As I described above this works very nicely for a small portfolio, but not for a blog, as well I can see this being a very nice layout on a iPad, it make your site work more like an application instead of a webpage.

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