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Spotify's Secret Weapon: Chester French’s DA

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above is Sean Parker’s Profile Pic on Facebook, DA to the left and Spotify founder, Daniel Ek to the right.

I have been curious about this picture for awhile, until today’s Forbes Profile calling D.A. Wallach, Spotify’s Secret Weapon and now all makes sense.  Its was a smart idea to team up with DA and make him their Residence Artist, I would like to know more on the day to day plus some exciting new features.  (I have an article, still needing to be written, on my predictions on how Spotify will is taking over.)

“We’re working very carefully to make Spotify the most artist-friendly company that has ever existed,” he says. “We’re very interested in a high level of letting artists direcetly connect to their fans and manage that relationship and deliver value to their fans, and vice versa. We want to do that really elegantly, at a scale that’s never existed before.”

If Wallach is Spotify’s secret weapon, perhaps his most potent bullet is the skunkworks he’s helping to build in an effort to share more of the company’s resources with musical acts.

Read the Forbes Article here

Plus subscribe to DA’s Facebook, he is really good on the news linking:

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