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Sufjan Steven’s BQE, 2009


BQEalbum This is my favorite album of Sufjan’s, honestly I am not very well versed in his repertoire, but this album at less solidifies him as a true artist in my mind.  When I listen to it, I can already see the budding of a future film composer that can easily go down in history with the greats such as Bernstein, Williams and Glass.

From people that I know that love Sufjan’s work this album tends to be a missed bleep in his discography, thats very unfortunate.  This fully orchestrated soundtrack throws you into a whimsical world, which you wish you knew what visual theses chords are illustrating in such vivid emotions.

This is a definite must in your collection, especially if you are in the need for creative thinking music aka the” perfect mood setter.”

Amazon, The BQE: The Motion Picture Soundtrack


After the JUMP are two videos with music straight from this album, take a peek

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