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Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009)



Director  Don Hahn

This is one documentary I was waiting to see forever and I waited almost a year until I was able to find a copy and it definitely fulfilled my expectations.  This documentary is for people like anything about the creative arts, business, power and Hollywood.  I have enjoyed books such as David Rensin’s The Mailroom: Hollywood History from the Bottom Up and other documentaries such as The Last Mogul, and there are a lot of aligning stories within that scope of 80-90s Hollywood, but I really believe this documentary is more accessible to a larger crowd, because it speaks on familiar topics that molded my childhood imagination.  I believe anyone in their twenties that was raised on Disney animations would really appreciate the behind the scenes look into what made those films that iconized the image we have of Disney.

The film doesn’t go to crazy with give us too much context, but is very laser focus on capturing the state of Disney, films in the 80s and 90s and the importance of animation as the foundation of Dinsey’s present and future.  There are many insights into films you loved as a kid such as the Lion King, the Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid.  And it was great to see that one guy walked into their studios and said  I like the idea of the little mermaid but why don’t we add a crab and make him Jamaican, its this type of crazy geniuses that makes me want to stand up and clap my hands.  Despite some of the artistic angles of the film, this documentary shows you the collision of egos and power at Disney around that era, especially how Disney as a business was falling apart and it was the first time they had to rely on hiring outsiders, such as Frank Wells, Michael Eisiner and Jeffery Katzenberg, restore and renew their vision.

Plus I can’t forget, everyone of importance was interviewed and talk about their opinions throughout the film.  So you do get a large scope of what was in the minds of all these powerful egos.

IMDBAmazon: Waking Sleeping Beauty

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